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Past to Present

In 2007 Justin was in a singing competition for fun where he sang “RESPECT” .  After the competition he posted a video of it on youtube for his family memebers to see that couldn’t attend the event ( this video .  after a long battle between Usher and Justin Timberlake over who was going to sign the young singer, usher had won.  After making many hit songs topping the charts his song “baby ft. Usher himself charted #5 on the Billboard hot 100 songs.  He also had many other songs on the chart like Eenie meenie ft. sean kingston charted at 15 along with somebody to love.  These are just some of the young artists accomplishments.

Justin Bieber on the red carpet


He’s on tour right now !

*Justin’s Tour Dates For 2010*

  • November 5th in san antonio texas
  • November 6th in houston texas
  • november 8th in saint louis
  • November 10th in Louisville
  • November 11th in cleveland
  • November 13th in Hampton Roads
  • November 14th in Philidelphia
  • November 16th in boston
  • November 17th in New york city
  • November 20th in Atlantic city NJ
  • November 22nd in montreal canada
  • November 23rd in toronto canada
  • December 9th in manchester new hampshire
  • December 10th in new york city


My love for Justin

There are many girls all over the world being affected by “Bieber fever”  I am in fact a big fan of him myself.  How i found out about him was one day when i was at my cousins’ house.  She was doing her hair while i was playing music videos OnDemand.  There was on that was new to me so i looked at it and at first i was like who is justin Biber? (i had not known how his last name was pronounced at the time. ) my cousin told me he was a new kid that had a song, the song was in fact One Time.  After i played the music video i fell completely in love with it and watched it about 9 or 10 times after that.  I then looked him up on youtube and became completely in love with this kid.  He is only a year or so older than me and i still have yet to meet him.  i do not know what will happen when i do meet him, i’ll probably pass out.  i hyperventilate just watching his videos! 😛 i cant help is, he is amazing at everything he does.  alot of my friends judge him and tell me how they think he is gay and what not but i dont listen to them, i know he is talented and my opinion is all that matters to me, i personally think they are just jelous of him.  I love him.–217245697

Finally a blog about Justin Bieber

 This if you couldn’t tell is a blog about the one and only Justin Bieber.  This is a post with some facts about Justin. Justin Drew Bieber is 16 years old and is about 5’7. He is from Stratford, Ontario in Canada.  He was discovered on YouTube by Scooter Braun who is now his manager.  The young star has released two cd’s ( My World and My World 2.0). His parents are divorced but his mother is always on the road with him.  He has been on the Ellen Show 2 times and was on the Oprah Winfrey show and many other tv shows.

Justin Bieber on the Ellen Degeneres show