There are many girls all over the world being affected by “Bieber fever”  I am in fact a big fan of him myself.  How i found out about him was one day when i was at my cousins’ house.  She was doing her hair while i was playing music videos OnDemand.  There was on that was new to me so i looked at it and at first i was like who is justin Biber? (i had not known how his last name was pronounced at the time. ) my cousin told me he was a new kid that had a song, the song was in fact One Time.  After i played the music video i fell completely in love with it and watched it about 9 or 10 times after that.  I then looked him up on youtube and became completely in love with this kid.  He is only a year or so older than me and i still have yet to meet him.  i do not know what will happen when i do meet him, i’ll probably pass out.  i hyperventilate just watching his videos! 😛 i cant help is, he is amazing at everything he does.  alot of my friends judge him and tell me how they think he is gay and what not but i dont listen to them, i know he is talented and my opinion is all that matters to me, i personally think they are just jelous of him.  I love him.–217245697